Contract Bridge Themes with a Midwest Accent! 

Few Options

Playing in the Spingold against expert opponents you pick up the following hand:

Spade Graphic A K T 8 5 3 2 Heart GraphicDiamond Graphic Q T 7 Club Graphic A 7 3.

With your side vulnerable, partner opens 1Club Graphic and RHO calls 1 Heart Graphic. Since your jump shifts are weak, you can only offer 1 Spade Graphic. LHO leaps to 4 Heart Graphic and it goes pass, pass to you.

What is your call?

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A Very Unusual Problem

Before I start with this hand, here is a brief comment. Everyone tells me that I should work less and have more fun. One of the enjoyable things that I do is to talk about bridge. With this in mind, I am going to try to write a bit more. We shall see.

A student sends me the following hand, both vulnerable at IMP’s:

Spade Graphic—-Heart GraphicA K T 8 5 2 Diamond Graphic A 3 Club Graphic J 9 7 6 2.

To your surprise, it goes three to you. What is your call? What has happened to the spades? If you open, can you expect to be plus? And finally, is this an automatic decision?

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